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The fabric softener and fragrance product, and it can be also used for ironing aid. With natural floral bouquet fragrance will have long lasting fragrance on fabrics.

Soft Scent has water base concentrate with neutral pH, safe for skin and has capability to remove electric static to fabrics. No Phosphate, it is more environmental friendly. 


For washing with a washing machine:

  • For garments of lightweight materials, such as shirts, t-shirts, underwear etc.; required 1 bottle cap for washing with 5-7 kg capacity washing machine.
  • For the kind of thick fabric, such as towels, bathmat (bath mat) etc.; required 2-3 with a bottle cap for washing machine washing capacity of 5-7 kg.
For Ironing:

Combine 2-5 Softscent bottle caps with 500 ml of water into a spray bottle, shake until evenly distributed solution. Spray directly into the clothes while ironing.

  • Size: 1 bottle cap = 10 ml Softscent.

Name SOFTSCENT 1 ltr - BOX
Brand Cleanshop
Spesification 1 Box = 20 bottles (@1 ltr)
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