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METAL SHINE is designed for stainless steel protection, extractor hoods, front surfaces of dish wash machines , fridges, elevators, walls, and other products that have metal/stainless as basic material. This product leaves a fine repellant film on the surface protecting stainless steel chrome and alumunium surfaces against water droplets and finger marks for a long time, leave surfaces are easier to be cleaned.


1. Protection & care product.

2. Leaves stainless steel, chrome, and almunium surface shiny and water resistant.

3. Special form of oil leaves a repellant film on the surface.

4. Protects surfaces against water droplets and fingermarks.

5. Longlasting results.

RANGE APPLICATION: All kind of metal surfaces : stainless steel, chrome, alumunium and other soft metal.


1. Use purely onto a clean, dry cloth and wipe the stainless steel surface or spray product directly onto the dry stainless steel surface and rub in direction of the grain with a clean, dry cloth. In case of heavily soiled surfaces pre-cleaning is necessary.

2. Don't use METAL SHINE on hot surfaces & surface coming in contact with food.


1. Can cause skin irritation

2. Wear rubber hand gloves.

3. Do not mix with other cheical or water.

Packaging: 1 ltr

Name METAL SHINE 1 ltr
Brand iCLEAN
Spesification Packaging: 1 ltr
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