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Cream Poliz is uniquely designed to remove oil kind of stubborn dirt, soil, and stain on all kind hard surface such as : stainless steel, ceramic and porcelain, mirror and glass, bath tubs etc. Thick creamy liquid to provide longer contact time on surface cleaning.

It is a ready-made product, easy on application (directly clean on surface) and save time on cleaning process. Improve brightness and shine the items. As it is a tube packaging, will be flexible in term of placement, easy to hand carry, no need to re-store in other places. 


1. Shake well before use. Pour pure Poliz Cream directly onto the surface to be cleaned.
2. Flatten Cream Poliz to the surface and let stand for 2-3 minutes. Rub the surface to remove stubborn dirt and stains that stick
3. Rinse with water or damp cloth. Wipe again with a clean cloth to dry the surface.


Name CREAM POLIZ 175 gr
Brand iCLEAN
Spesification Packaging: tube 175 gr
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