Shipping & Delivery


You can check the update process of your order in your account page by login on Cleanshop website with the user name & password made.

There are 6 confirmations status of your order;

A.    Payment Received    : Your payment has been confirmed and successfully received on our bank account.

B.    Pending                       : Your payment has been submitted in our system and will be prossesed soon.

C.    Cancelled                    : Your order has been cancelled.

D.    Delivery on process      : Your order is on delivery process by our Cleanshop Courier or referral shipment.

          E.    Completed                  : Your order is completed and received on your address.

          F.     Outstanding               : Your order has not completed yet.



                A.    We are waiting for your payment, and if the payment already finish our admin will request the                

                    products to the warehouse.

                B.    Our courier ready to deliver your products after they received the confirmation.

                C.    Your product status will automatically change to be “completed” if you have already received your


                RULES AND REGULATION:

A.    All incoming orders to will be proceed on the working days (Monday – Friday) only

B.    We will deliver your order once your payment confirmation is received If we receive the payment confirmation by the latest at 12.00pm, then we will process the order on the same date. If then we receive the payment confirmation after 12.00pm, the order will be processed on the next working day.

C.    At this moment, the delivery schedule for Jadetabek area by Cleanshop’s Courier are on Tuesday & Friday. Order which received by the latest on Monday at 15.00pm will be sent to your address on Tuesday. And the order which received by the latest on Thursday at 15.00pm will be sent to your address on Friday.

D.    Terms & conditions regarding delivery policy can be changed at any time if we face a problem at the referral shipment of our Courier. We are trying to deliver your order as timeline above.

E.    Please take a note that at this moment, we can only process the delivery within Jadetabek area.