·      Where is Cleanshop?


Senayan Trade Center Lt.4 Unit 1006

Jl. Asia Afrika pintu IX Gelora Senayan

Jakarta 10270

Working hours: Monday – Friday @10.00am – 19.00pm

You can buy our product by visiting our website at www.cleanshop.co.id


·      Where does Cleanshop products come from?

All Cleanshop’s product are derived from official supplier brands locally and internationally.

·      Can I become a reseller for Cleanshop’s product?

      Yes, obviously Since Cleanshop have Cleanbizer project. You could contact us through email to askme@cleanshop.co.id to get those program details.


·      What kind of payment methods are accepted by Cleanshop?

Cleanshop received two kinds of payment method;

Bank Transfer:     You can pay your order by transfer to our account at BCA.

Account number  : 8010291900

Account name      : PT. XC Cleanindo

Credit card (Visa and Mastercard):

Enter your card number and security code in payment field on the checkout page.

·    I have completed the payment process, but I received an email about cancelation of my items, what should I do?

The payment has not received by Cleanshop. If you have finished the payment process you can ask our Customer Service via email (askme@cleanshop.co.id)/ WA(081-18878333).

The payment method using Credit Card was failed or we cannot do the verification with the payment.

The order was not qualified with our Term&Condition of shopping on Cleanshop website.

·      Do I need to send the confirmation after the payment process via Bank Transfer?

Yes, you do. You can make the payment confirmation here. Or by sending us an email at askme@cleanshop.co.id along with the bank transfer receipt.

·      Is the transaction via credit card process have the security guaranteed?

We will ensure that the transaction using a credit card on the Cleanshop website is protected. We will ensure the safeness of your ordering process through the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which provide each customer full security and free to shop on Cleanshop website without worrying about the possible theft of credit card information.

·      Does the price listed on the Cleanshop website include taxes?

Yes. All prices of product on Cleanshop website are included the taxes.


·      How to find the desired product?

You can search the desired product using “searching feature” in our website.

·      Does Cleanshop do the shipping abroad?

No, we don’t. Currently, the area of our delivery only in Indonesia but we are focusing inJadetabek. If you want to send the product to the other regions you can request the order through our email (askme@cleanshop.co.id).


·      Can I make a pre-order if the product is not available?

Yes, you can. You can make a pre-order by ordering your product early.But please send the request first through our email (askme@cleanshop.co.id).


·      I want to buy products that are no longer available in the Cleanshop’s catalog. Can I still buy the product?

No. You can only buy the items that contained in our website.

·      Is it possible to keep the product that I want to buy but purchase it later?

No, it is not possible.

·      Is it possible if I want to check the quality of the product before make a purchase?

Yes, it is possible. Please come to our Offline store at Senayan Trade Center Lt.4 Unit 1006, jl.AsiaAfrikapintu IX-GeloraSenayan, Jakarta 10270. The working hours are on Monday-Friday at 10.00am – 19.00pm. Our Cleaning Consultant will help you to find your desired products.

·      How do I know the details of the products that I want to buy?

You can see the product details table. If you have questions, please contact us. Or you can watch some our video tutorials on Youtube with keyword “Iclean Indonesia”.

·      What kind of product that I can buy directly from the Cleanshop’s store?

You can buy all contained items on Cleanshop website. Firstly, you can order the items from Cleanshop website and do the confirmation through email/WA.

·      Can I faster the delivery of my product?

No, you cannot. You can check the status of your items on your Account page in “Order Status” part.

·      What the exact time of the delivery items?

Your order will be prosessed in 3-5 working days, after we received the payment of your ordered items for only in JADETABEK area. For other region, the “expedition agent will do the confirmation to the customer directly.

·      How if I go outside while the courier has delivered my items?

You need to make a statement letter that your items will be received by other parties. You also can contact our Customer Service via email (askme@cleanshop.co.id) as soon as possible after you have done your ordering process.


·      How if I do not take my ordered items?


Please do the confirmation through our Customer Service.


·      How long my items will be delivered?

Your items will be delivered in 3-5 working days.

·      Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can. The order will be cancelled if you do not pay your transaction. If you have finished your payment you cannot cancel the order.  


·      Why I received the email about item cancelations?

If you are late doing the payment process.

If Cleanshop have not received the payment, please check to nearest bank of your account.


·      When can I contact Customer Service?

You can contact our Customer Service on Monday-Friday 09:00 to 17:00 hours via phone (021-57931900), WA and email (askme@cleanshop.co.id).

·      What is live chat?

Live chat is a facility of Cleanshop to chat directly with our Customer Service through www.cleanshop.co.id. Please feel free to ask about Cleanshop products.

·      How to use the live chat feature?

You simply click the "I'm Online" located at the bottom right of your website screen. If our officers were not in place, you can leave a message that will be returned directly to your email.


·      What is the function of the Discount’s voucher?


Voucher could be used to reduce your total payment.


·      How can I get the information about promotion/discount in Cleanshop?

You can get the information about promotion/discount on our website www.cleanshop.co.id. You also can subscribe our email (askme@cleanshop.co.id).

·      How to find the information about voucher’s policy?


The Voucher’s policy information will be listed on Promotion’s banner during the promotion conducted. 


·      If I have more than 1 Voucher’s discount, can I combine my Voucher?


No, you cannot. Because, only one voucher that can be accepted for one transaction.

·      How to use voucher?

You can use your voucher code by follow the step as below;


A.    Click “Enter your Voucher Code” in the Confirm order page.

B.    Type your voucher code as shown (follow the use of uppercase and lowercase letters).

C.    Nominal payment will be automatically reduced by the amount of your voucher.


·      Does the voucher applicable to all Cleanshop products?

The Voucher will be applied based on the Voucher’s policy.

·      If I cancel the order, can the voucher returned?

No. Voucher that you have used cannot be returned if you cancel the order.

·      Why the voucher that I have used cannot reduced payment?

There are 3 possibilities:

1. Your Voucher was out of date.

2. Please type the voucher correctly (upper case and lower case)

3. The voucher has been use before.


·      If I choose bank transfer as the payment method, and I just do the payment by the next day. Do I still get the discount even it was ended?

Yes, you do. The maximum payment is 3(three) days after the promotion.

·      If there is a promotion, could I do the payment by using voucher?

No, you cannot. If there is a promotion you cannot do the transaction by voucher.




·      How much is the shipping cost?


The shipping cost is depends on the quantity, volume and weight of your items. The details will be listed on the Review order page. For other regions, the shipping cost will be confirmed after Cleanshop received the detail of the order.


·      Is there maximum shipping cost of my ordered items?

No, there is no maximum shipping cost.

·      How can I get the discount for the shipping cost?

You can get the discount of shipping cost during the promotion conducted. 

·      What is free shipping?

Cleanshop have free delivery around only Jadetabek area with minimum payment Rp. 250,000.


              How to create an account?

        A.     Go to www.cleanshop.co.id, and click register to fill your information.

       B.   Please do the confirmation that you have read the “Privacy and Policy” of Cleanshop. Then, click “Register Now

          C.     Choose one option of “where did you know us”. Then, click “submit”.

            D.     You will directly go to your account page.


        What is billing address?

            A.    Billing address is our facility to help you if you want to send your purchased product to your


            B.    You can simply fill the form of billing address with your siblings/friends information.